Hey partner!!!

I know, podcast are so popular lately, and Im sure you spend a lot of time looking for music, so you can edit a beautiful, dynamic, and entertaining podcast.

Well, the truth is you need to get licenses of the music you wanna use, if you dont wanna get banned.

I want to provide you with some music, Im sure it will serve you well.

I sell music licenses for podcast and videos on

BUT!! If you can´t afford it, or you are doing a non-profit podcast, you can use my music for FREE, and I would love for you to credit me as the music provider, linking to one of my social media. Its a win win! 😀 I know you can have a benefit from the background music I make, and helping me to get some exposition is a way to support my art.

To download my instrumental music, you just have to click: DOWNLOAD MUSIC FOR PODCASTS

Its organized in styles/genres, you just listen and choose tha one song you need, and click the arrow to download.

You can mention me on the credits like this:

Music by
(+ At least 1 social media link)

Social media:


If my music is useful, and you like my work, I invite you to follow me, so you can have every update on new song releases 😀

Also sharing my work is a great way to support me.

Have a great day